Counting calories

For a long time counting calories had been a very important part of my life. No, I didn’t like it. But it gave me the feeling of „everything is under control“. And this was important because if nothing would have been „under control“ I would have gained weight. Again and again and again. This was, what I was thinking about myself. And I was right.

But somehow things changed. And then there was a day when I didn’t want to count calories anymore. Suddenly I felt like listening to my body – not to the numbers at the calorie list. It was a long way and I stumbled many times (I still stumble now sometimes, by the way, but it is part of the process).

I stopped counting calories

Today I am able to listen to my body and eat things I really long for. And now I long for food that is good for my body and my soul. Food which keeps me satisfied. For example dates and bananas are almost everyday on my plate. Also lots of greens and fruits. I love eating potatoes, simply cooked with a bunch full of vegetables or I do my own potato wedges.

I’m not counting calories anymore. And even if I feel sometimes a little insecure about my nutrition, I learned to keep the faith in myself and my body. Running and eating – it works.

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