VHS Götzis: Closing Chapter One

One and a half year ago I started to learn again. I visited classes in English, Information Technology, Maths and German at the VHS Götzis. I wanted to achieve the higher school certificate, in Austria it’s called the „Matura“ or in Germany you would say „Abitur“. I had been 32 years old when I started to learn about things like „Lineare Gleichungen“, writing an „Interpretation“ or having a fluent conversation in English.

In the first weeks I felt pretty weird. And quite old. My classmates were younger than me. Probably not all of them. But most of them. Within a month or two I found my place in this community and we really had fun together. We helped each other by learning via Skype (because I was the one who lived far away from all the others) and supported each other when we were nervous because of the exams.

Finally – only three semesters later – I did it! And I am very proud to say, that I got really good grades. My English teacher Barbara even called me a „valedictorian“. I must confess: I had to look it up. A valedictorian in the USA is someone with the highest grades. And he or she is also the one who has to hold a speech at the end of the year, when everybody gets his grades. So, I am really glad, that I’m not living in the USA. Because I wouldn’t want to hold a speech. Even if I am 34 years old by now – I would still feel a little embarrassed, if I had to do so.

Here are some pictures from my „Matura-Valet“, where I got my beautiful certificate:

My English teacher Bastian Kresser and me

My English teacher Bastian Kresser and me

And by the way – chapter two is soon to come: from this September on I’m going to study information technology at the FHV Vorarlberg until 2017. I am really excited when I think about that. But first, let’s enjoy one more picture from my successful evening – it’s one of my favourite pictures, because it’s very rare. My mum doesn’t like pictures, but this one is really nice, I think.

My mum and me at the Matura-Valet

My mum and me at the Matura-Valet


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