The difference

In the last few weeks I often heard the word „discipline“ when it comes to my story of becoming a runner and losing weight. And everytime I heard that word, there was a little stitch near my stomach. Because I really can’t accept the attribute discipline as a part of my story.

But you need discipline to lose weight and change your way of living!

Really? Do I?
I don’t think so. And I can tell you why. In my eyes discipline is something which ends. Nobody is disciplined from now on until the end of his or hers life. Nobody. You can be disciplined for a certain time. Let’s say a few weeks or months. But then something happens and you will be glad to go back to your old habits. That’s what discipline is for me: a shorttime-success. When I have to be disciplined to achieve something, I have to force myself doing things, that are difficult for me or which I don’t like too much. But I am disciplined so I won’t moan. Maybe it makes me feel like kind of a hero, because I am able to fight against my habits. As I said: for a while.

The difference between discipline and ingenuity

When somebody calls me „disciplined“ today I stop it by saying ‚I’m not at all disciplined but I am ingenious!‘ And that makes a huge difference. I have been able to create new habits, new dishes and a new way of living which supports me and I had big fun doing this. There’s no thinking about „is it allowed“, „should I better“ or „I have to“. All I had to do is find new ways which fit me well so I don’t even had to think about discipline because it wasn’t needed. And now I can say this is it what makes a longtime-success. If you are creative in finding new ways you won’t have to give in and go back to your old habits. Because you won’t need them anymore to give you the feeling of security (that’s what habits are good for at last).

3 Steps

Step 1: Find something you want to change – I’m sure you will find maybe one or two things. Let’s start with „eating chocolate“ for example.

Step 2: What is the benefit for you, when you are doing  … for example „eating chocolate“? In my case it is a really good feeling, a satisfied feeling that doesn’t last very long.

Step 3: Find something that gives you a similar benefit! For example: mashed banana with 1 tsp cacao and 1 tsp peanut butter – that works out fine for me.

The result: no cravings anymore and a good, healthy, satisfied feeling instead.

Stop it!

So, please stop being disciplined and start beeing ingenious. Sounds even better. Find a way how you can enjoy your new way of living. Think about ideas how to love the way, even if you are not even close to the finishline. Doesn’t matter. And finally, please stop calling me „disciplined“. I am not. And I’m proud of it. I am ingenious and that’s way better.

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